Is it possible to test pooled milk or serum samples? ( 3 July 2013 )

Some kits allow for the testing of pooled milk or serum.  Please refer to the kit insert of the product in question.

Is it possible to differentiate between vaccinated and infected animals with ID Screen® ELISAs? ( )

Yes, some IDvet tests allow for DIVA applications (Differentiation Infected and Vaccincated animals).

The IBRgE and Aujeszky gE tests detect naturally-infected animals in a vaccinated population, provided that animals are vaccinated with gE-deleted vaccines.

For avian influenza, if vaccination is performed using a homologous hemagglutinin to the highly pathogenic field strain (H5), but a heterologous neuraminidase subtype, serologic surveillance can be performed by testing for antibodies against the homologous N subtype (N1) as evidence of natural infection.

I am using an ID Screen® indirect multi-species test. Which species may I test? ( )

ID Screen® indirect multi-species tests include a multi-species conjugate which recognizes mammalian IgG antibodies.
However, validation data does not exist for all species for all tests. When testing a species for which IDvet does not have validation data, check that the negative sample baseline remains low (indirect test), or that the distribution of S/N% results is not considerably altered with respect to the negative control value.