Real Time PCR kits

    We strive to simplify your PCR testing by offering reliable, flexible, and user-friendly reagents adapted to your instruments, testing volumes, and laboratory organisation.


    • A single extraction and amplification protocol for all ID Gene® PCR kits: test several pathogens (DNA or RNA) on the same plate
    • Simple and rapid protocols allow you to obtain results in only 90 minutes, from extraction to amplification
    • Rigorous validation criteria:
      • Positive target and non-target controls are included in the kit. They are extracted along with field samples in order to evaluate extraction efficiency and confirm the absence of inhibitors in each well
      • Target positive controls are calibrated at between 10 and 100 times the MDL (method detection limit) in order to monitor variations in analytical sensitivity
    • Flexible: Compatible with most extraction systems (magnetic beads, silica columns) and with all thermocyclers
    • User-friendly:
      • Ready-to-use reagents means that the amplification reaction mix contains all the primers, probes and master mix required to run the qPCR
      • Rapid 1 hour amplification protocol

    Most ID Gene® qPCR kits are validated by international reference laboratories, and according to the French standard NFU47-600-2.


    Our qPCR range :