IDSoft™ – data analysis program

IDSoft™ is a fully integrated, easy-to-use software program providing convenient, flexible and comprehensive data analysis for ID Screen® ELISA kits.

  • Multi-species application for ruminant, porcine, equine and avian ID Screen® ELISA kits.
  • Determine titres, vaccination age and baseline values for better preventative medicine for poultry. Facilitate data analysis for other species.
  • Easily share your results : OD values may be exported to other formats, such as Excel.
  • Optimize lab time and plan your testing schedule: the software provides you with an overview of the different tests to be run for each sample.
  • Flexible: import data from your plate reader, from Excel, or enter them manually. Collect data and edit reports from multiple work stations.
  • Customize your templates and reports, and incorporate your own company information and logo.

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