ID Screen® PPR Competition

Competitive ELISA kit for the detection of anti-PPRV nucleoprotein antibodies in sheep and goat serum or plasma.

Please contact IDvet for use on other species.


  • This test does not contain any virus particles
  • High specificity and sensitivity
  • Straightforward and rapid protocol: each sample is deposited only once (screening format), and results are obtained in 90 minutes
  • Convenient format: the only commercial ELISA to supply ready-to-use, coated plates, and all other components in liquid format. Plates are supplied in strips
  • Practical: you can easily check that all samples have been correctly deposited because the dilution buffer changes color upon addition of the sera
MethodCompetitive ELISA
SpeciesMultiple species, including sheep, goats and others
SpecimensSerum or plasma
Coated antigenPPRV nucleoprotein (NP)
ConjugateAnti-NP-HRP conjugate (concentrated 10X)
Ordering information
Product codePPRC-4PPPRC-10P
Kit format4 plates10 plates
Plate format12 x 8-well strips12 x 8-well strips
  1. Libeau, G., Préhaud, C., Lancelot, R., Colas, F., Guerre, L., Bishop, D.H., Diallo, A. Development of a competitive ELISA for detecting antibodies to the Peste des Petits Ruminants virus using a recombinant nucleoprotein. Res Vet Sci. 1995 Jan;58(1):50-5.
Associated products
PPR positive freeze-dried serum
Product codeMRI-PPR
Format1 ml vial (freeze-dried)

Freeze-dried positive caprine serum to be used as internal reference material for quality control.