ID Screen® Newcastle Disease Nucleoprotein Indirect

The only commercial indirect ELISA for the specific detection of antibodies against the NDV Nucleoprotein (NP) in chicken or turkey serum.

Note: The same convenient protocol (buffers, incubation times and temperatures) is used for most ID Screen® poultry kits.


  • Convenient for disease diagnosis in chickens (broilers, breeders and layers) and turkeys
  • Perfectly suited for use as a DIVA* test: may be used in combination with the ID Screen® Newcastle Disease Indirect ELISA to detect natural infection in animals vaccinated with rHVT-F vaccines alone
  • May be used with egg yolk samples which are easier to collect and cause less stress to the layers
  • Short incubation times: results in 75 minutes (30-30-15 protocol)

*DIVA: Differentiation between Infected and Vaccinated Animals

MethodIndirect ELISA
SpeciesChickens (broilers, breeders, layers) and turkeys
SpecimensSerum, plasma, egg yolk
Coated antigenRecombinant nucleoprotein
ConjugateAnti-chicken-HRP (concentrated 10X)
Ordering information
Product codeNDVNP-5PNDVNP-10P
Kit format5 plates10 plates
Plate format12 x 8-well strips12 x 8-well strips
Associated products
Ready-to-use multi-positive serum – ref. B
Format5 ml vial

Ready-to-use multi-positive chicken serum, to be used with the ID Screen® kits: AEVS, IBDS, ILTGIS, MPVS, MG, MS, NDVNP, PMS-CHICK, REOS, SALS, SALSGPD.

To be used as internal reference material for quality control.

Ready-to-use chicken negative serum
Format5 ml vial

Ready to use specific pathogen free (SPF) chicken serum pool. Does not contain any antibodies against any avian pathogen. For use with all the IDvet poultry ELISA kits or for RSA testing.