ID Screen® Influenza H9 Indirect

Indirect ELISA for the detection of antibodies against the hemagglutinin H9 of the Avian Influenza A virus in serum, plasma or egg yolk from chickens or turkeys.

  • The only commercial quantitative ELISA for the specific detection of H9 antibodies
  • The only test which allows for H9 disease diagnosis and vaccination monitoring of layers and breeders
  • Able to detect field infection in vaccinated flocks (an increase in antibody titers is observed post-infection)
  • Well correlated with the haemagglutination inhibition (HI) test, with the advantage of being more robust, faster and easier-to-use for the analysis of large numbers of samples
  • Protocol for egg yolk testing, which is less stressful for layers
MethodIndirect ELISA
SpeciesChickens and turkeys
SpecimensSerum, plasma or egg yolk
Coated antigenPurified H9 recombinant protein
ConjugateAnti-chicken-HRP conjugate (concentrated 10X)
Ordering information
Product codeFLUH9S-5PFLUH9S-10P
Kit format5 plates10 plates
Plate format12 x 8-well strips12 x 8-well strips
Associated products
Ready-to-use positive serum FLU-S
Product codeMRI-FLUS-RTU
Format2 ml

Ready to use chicken serum pool containing significant and known antibody level against Avian Influenza virus.

Ready-to-use chicken negative serum
Format5 ml vial

Ready to use specific pathogen free (SPF) chicken serum pool. Does not contain any antibodies against any avian pathogen. For use with all the IDvet poultry ELISA kits or for RSA testing.