ID Screen® Infectious Bronchitis Competition

Competitive ELISA kit for the detection of anti-IBV antibodies in chicken serum and egg yolk.

Applicable to both domestic and wild species, the IBV competitive ELISA is the only cELISA on the market. It offers the best combination of sensitivity and specificity of any commercial IBV ELISA, it is particularly suited to monitoring disease in wild and SPF birds.


  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Earlier detection of infected animals  
  • May be used with egg yolk samples which are easier to collect and cause less stress to the layers
  • Comprehensive data analysis with the IDSoft™program
MethodCompetitive ELISA
SpeciesWild birds and SPF birds
SpecimensSerum or egg yolk
Coated antigenIBV purified antigen
ConjugateAnti-IBV-HRP conjugate (concentrated 10X)
Ordering information
Product codeIBVC-2P
Kit format2 plates
Plate format12 x 8-well strips
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Ready-to-use chicken negative serum
Format5 ml vial

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