ID Screen® ILT Indirect

Indirect ELISA for the detection of antibodies directed against the avian Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus (ILTV) in vaccinated and/or infected chicken sera.

This kit is perfectly suited for disease diagnosis and monitoring of conventional vaccine programs (CEO and TCO vaccines).


  • High specificity and analytical sensitivity
  • Comprehensive data analysis with the IDSoft™ program
  • Positive and negative reference sera available as internal controls
  • May be used as part of a DIVA strategy (Differentiation between Infected and Vaccinated Animals) for rHVT-gI vaccines, if used together with the ILTGIS ELISA.
Method Indirect ELISA
Species Chickens (broilers, breeders and layers)
Specimens Serum
Coated antigen ILTV purified antigen
Conjugate Anti-chicken-HRP conjugate (concentrated 10X)
Ordering information
Product code ILTS-5P ILTS-10P
Kit format 5 plates 10 plates
Reactions 480 960
Plate format 12 x 8-well strips 12 x 8-well strips
Associated reference sera
Ready-to-use multi-positive serum – ref. A
Product code MRIPOS-BIRD-RTU-A
Format 5 ml vial

Ready-to-use multi-positive chicken serum, positive with the ID Screen® kits: IBVS, NDVS, NDVS-CV, ILTS, EDS, MG/MS (combo kit only). To be used as internal reference material for quality control.

SPF negative freeze-dried serum
Product code MRINEG-BIRD
Format 0.5 ml vial (freeze-dried)

Freeze-dried SPF negative chicken serum to be used as internal reference material for quality control.