ID Screen® IBR Milk Indirect – Biwell format

Indirect ELISA for the detection of BHV-1 antibodies in bovine milk (individual samples or pools). Meets FLI (Germany) eradication program specifications for analytical sensitivity. May be used as a screening kit for bulk or pooled milks of up to 50 animals.

  • Cost-effective: the use of milk samples makes sample collection easier and more economical
  • Accurate, robust and reliable: high specificity and sensitivity, and excellent correlation with serum testing
  • Rapid and easy-to-use  
  • Short and overnight protocols    
Method Indirect ELISA
Species Cattle
Specimens Milk (individual or pooled)
Coated antigen Purified BHV-1 antigen extract
Conjugate Anti-ruminant IgG -HRP conjugate (concentrated 10X)
Ordering information
Product code IBRMILK-5P IBRMILK-10P
Kit format 5 plates 10 plates
Reactions 240 480
Plate format 1 x 96-well strips 16 x 6-well strips
Associated products
Freeze-dried negative bovine milk
Product code MRINEG-MILK
Format 2 ml

Freeze-dried bovine milk negative for various diseases.

IBR Negative freeze-dried bovine milk
Format 2 ml vial (freeze-dried)

Freeze-dried bovine milk (origin: France) negative for anti-BHV-1 specific antibodies.

IBR Positive freeze-dried bovine milk
Product code MRI-IBRMILK
Format 2 ml vial (freeze-dried)

Freeze-dried bovine milk (origin: France) containing anti-BHV-1 specific antibodies.