ID Screen® IBD VP2

Indirect ELISA for the detection of anti-IBDV VP2 antibodies in chicken sera. May be used to quantify IBD antibody levels pre- and post-vaccination. 

This test is designed to be used with animals vaccinated with recombinant VP2 vector vaccines.


  • High specificity and very low background (no risk of false positive results)
  • Short incubation times: results in 75 minutes (30-30-15 protocol)
  • Comprehensive data analysis with the IDSoft™program
  • Positive and negative reference sera available as internal controls
  • Practical: you can easily check that all samples have been correctly deposited because the dilution buffer changes color upon addition of the sera
MethodIndirect ELISA
SpeciesChickens (broilers, breeders and layers)
Coated antigenRecombinant VP2 antigen
ConjugateAnti-immunoglobulin-HRP conjugate (concentrated 10X)
Ordering information
Product codeIBDVP2-5PIBDVP2-10P
Kit format5 plates10 plates
Plate format12 x 8-well strips12 x 8-well strips
Associated products
Ready-to-use multi-positive serum – ref. A
Format5 ml vial

Ready-to-use multi-positive chicken serum, positive with the ID Screen® kits: IBDVP2, IBVS, ILTS, ILTGBS, EDS, MG/MS (combo kit), NDVS, NDVS-CV. (Negative for MM). To be used as internal reference material for quality control.

Ready-to-use chicken negative serum
Format5 ml vial

Ready to use specific pathogen free (SPF) chicken serum pool. Does not contain any antibodies against any avian pathogen. For use with all the IDvet poultry ELISA kits or for RSA testing.