ID Screen® Chlamydophila abortus Indirect Multi-species

This indirect multi-species ELISA detects anti-MOMP antibodies in ruminant serum and plasma.

Please contact IDvet for use on other species.


  • High sensitivity and superior specificity with respect to C. pecorum thanks to the use of peptide antigens
  • Applicable to multiple species, including cattle, sheep and goats. Please consult IDvet for use with other species
Method Indirect ELISA
Species Ruminants and other species
Specimens Serum and plasma
Coated antigen MOMP peptide
Conjugate Anti-multi-species IgG–HRP conjugate (concentrated 10X)
Ordering information
Product code CHLMS-MS-2P CHLMS-MS-5P
Kit format 2 plates 5 plates
Reactions 192 480
Plate format 12 x 8-well strips 12 x 8-well strips
  1. Horigan, MW et al. (Veterinary Laboratories Agency, UK). Poster : Chlamydophila abortus – An Evaluation of Three Commercial ELISAs. Presented at the WAVLD Conference in Madrid, Spain, 2009.
  2. Marques, PX et al. (University College, Dublin, Ireland). Poster: A comparison of three serological methods for the identification of pregnant ewes infected with Chlamydophila abortus. 2008.
  3. Pourquier, P. (IDvet, France), Rodalakis, A and Mohamad, KY (INRA, Nouzilly, France). Preliminary validation of a new commercial ELISA kit for the detection of antibodies directed against C. abortus. Presented at the WAVLD Conference, 2007.
Associated products
Chlamydophila abortus positive freeze-dried serum
Product code MRI-CHLM
Format 1 ml vial (freeze-dried)

Positive freeze-dried ovine serum to be used as internal reference material for quality control.

Negative bovine freeze-dried serum
Product code MRINEG-BOV
Format 1 ml vial (freeze-dried)

Negative freeze-dried bovine serum to be used as internal reference material for quality control.