ID Gene™ Paratuberculosis Duplex

Real-time PCR for the relative qualitative or quantitative detection of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in ruminant faeces (individual samples or pools of up to 10), boot swabs or mycobacterial culture.

This relative qualitative or quantitative duplex test simultaneously amplifies a target sequence in the Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (Map) genome and an exogenous internal control.



  • Superior sensitivity to facilitate detection of infected animals and identify new herd breakdowns
  • The most reliable qPCR thanks to:
    – an exogenous mycobacterial control to confirm pathogen lysis and verify the absence of PCR inhibitors
    – a calibrated positive control to detect variations in analytical sensitivity
  • Manage culling priorities and differentiate between passive carriers and chronically-infected animals thanks to a positive control calibrated at 3000 Map / gr of faeces
  • Easiest sample preparation protocol on the market, without any weighing step


Other features:

  • High performance: DLPCR< 30 copies / PCR and specificity of 100%.
  • Rapid (1 hour) or standard (2 hour) amplification protocols
  • Compatible with most extraction systems (magnetic beads, silica columns) and with all thermocyclers
  • Uses the same extraction and amplification protocols common to all ID Gene PCR tests so that other pathogens (DNA or RNA) may be tested on the same plate
  • Validated by the French national reference laboratory and according to the French standard NFU47-600-2.
  • Ready-to-use reagents mean that the amplification reaction mix contains all the primers, probes and master mix required to run the qPCR.
Product codeIDMAP-50IDMAP-100
MethodReal time RT PCR - Duplex - Qualitative relative - Quantitative
Sample typesRuminant faeces (individual samples or pools of up to 10), boot swabs or mycobacterial culture.
Associated products
Lysis buffer
Product codeLMAP-50 / LMAP-1000
Format50 ml / 1000 ml

Lysis buffer

ID Gene® Spin Universal Extraction Kit
Product codeSPIN50 / SPIN250
Format50 preps / 250 preps

Extraction system using silica columns for all matrices and all veterinary pathogens

ID Gene® Mag Paratuberculosis Extraction Kit
Product codeMAGMAP192
Format192 preps

Magnetic bead DNA extraction kit for Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis for ruminant faeces samples  (individual samples or pools of up to 10).

⇒ Results in 40 min

⇒ Compatible with most open extraction robots for magnetic beads

ID Gene™ Mag Fast Extraction Kit
Product codeMAGFAST384
Format384 preps

Rapid magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction kit for use with any matrix or pathogen (DNA or RNA).

⇒ The fastest magnetic bead extraction kit on the market, with results in only 20 min!

⇒ Use in combination with the ID Gene™ range of amplification kits to obtain results in only 70 minutes for DNA and 90 minutes for RNA (extraction and amplification)

⇒ Compatible with most open extraction robots for magnetic beads

ID Gene® Mag Universal Extraction Kit
Product codeMAG192 / MAG384
Format192 preps / 384 preps

Magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction system for use for use with any matrix or pathogen (DNA or RNA). 


⇒ Results in 40 min

⇒ Compatible with most open extraction robots for magnetic beads

⇒ May be used with most commercial amplification kits which are validated with this type of extraction protocol.

ID Gene® Easy preparation for faeces samples
Product codeEZPREP
Format100 EZ Drop bottles (preps)

A simplified method for the preparation of faeces sample to be tested for Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis and other pathogens.


⇒ Allows for pre-treatment of faeces samples without any weighing step

⇒ Use in combination with IDMAP: ID Gene™ Paratuberculosis Duplex (IDMAP) PCR kit



Rapid: process samples in only 2 minutes


  • No weighing step
  • Easily open pools for re-test (conserve individual homogenates at -20°C)

Improved test sensitivity and reproducibility thanks to the production of homogenous faecal extracts