ID Gene® Influenza H5/H7 Triplex

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Associated products
FLUH5H7 Positive Extraction Control
Product code PEC-FLUH5H7
Format 550 μL (freeze-dried)

Freeze-dried control consisting of inactivated Influenza A virus subtypes H5 and H7 diluted into tracheal and oropharyngeal swabs supernatants from negative birds.
This control is to be prepared and extracted in the same way as the samples to validate the efficiency of the nucleic acids extraction and RT-qPCR amplification processes. It may be used to monitor variations in analytical sensitivity.

ID Gene® Spin Universal Extraction Kit
Product code SPIN50 / SPIN250
Format 50 preps / 250 preps

Extraction system using silica columns for all matrices and all veterinary pathogens

ID Gene™ Mag Fast Extraction Kit
Product code MAGFAST384
Format 384 preps

Rapid magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction kit for use with any matrix or pathogen (DNA or RNA).

⇒ The fastest magnetic bead extraction kit on the market, with results in only 20 min!

⇒ Use in combination with the ID Gene™ range of amplification kits to obtain results in only 70 minutes for DNA and 90 minutes for RNA (extraction and amplification)

⇒ Compatible with most open extraction robots for magnetic beads