ID Gene™ Influenza A Duplex

Real-time RT-qPCR assay for the qualitative detection of the Avian Influenza A virus.

This kit is a qualitative duplex test. It simultaneously amplifies target RNA as well as an endogenous internal control.


  • Positive controls to evaluate the efficiency of the extraction and amplification steps
  • Endogenous internal control to validate sample presence
  • Optimized sensitivity
  • Validated by the French NRL (ANSES, 2017)
  • The fastest amplification protocol on the market, with automated extraction and amplification in only 80 minutes.
Product codeIDFLUA-50IDFLUA-100
MethodRT-qPCR - Duplex - Qualitative
Sample typesSwabs (tracheal, oropharyngeal and cloacal), organs, tissues or nucleic acid storage cards
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