ID Gene™ BlueTongue Duplex

Real-time RT-PCR for the qualitative detection of all serotypes of the Bluetongue virus in ruminant blood samples

 This qualitative duplex test simultaneously amplifies a target sequence in the BTV genome, and an endogenous internal control.


The only commercial BTV PCR which includes a target positive control*:

  • to be extracted along with field samples in order to evaluate extraction efficiency
  • calibrated at between 10 and 100 times the method detection limit in order to monitor variations in analytical sensitivity

Other features:

  • Detects all BTV serotypes
  • Rapid (1 hour) or standard (2 hour) amplification protocols
  • Compatible with most extraction systems (magnetic beads, silica columns) and with all thermocyclers
  • Uses the same extraction and amplification protocols common to all ID Gene™ PCR tests so that other pathogens (DNA or RNA) may be tested on the same plate
  • High performance: DLPCR< 10 copies / PCR and specificity of 100%.
  • Validated by the French national reference laboratory and according to the French standard NFU47-600-2.
  • Ready-to-use reagents mean that the amplification reaction mix contains all the primers, probes and master mix required to run the qPCR.

* Target positive control included in the kit: inactivated BTV, diluted in a virus-negative whole blood matrix, freeze-dried and calibrated at between 10 and 100 times the detection limit of the method (MDL).  


Product code IDBTV-50 IDBTV-100
Reactions 50 100
Method Real time RT PCR - Duplex - Qualitative
Species Ruminants
Sample types Blood
Associated extraction kits
ID Gene™ Spin Universal Extraction Kit
Product code SPIN50 / SPIN250
Format 50 preps / 250 preps

Extraction system using silica columns for all matrices and all veterinary pathogens

ID Gene™ Mag Fast Extraction Kit
Product code MAGFAST384
Format 384 preps

Rapid magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction kit for use with any matrix or pathogen (DNA or RNA).


⇒ The fastest magnetic bead extraction kit on the market, with results in only 20 min!


⇒ Use in combination with the ID Gene™ range of amplification kits to obtain results in only 90 minutes (extraction and amplification)


⇒ This kit is compatible with the following automated extraction systems:

  • MagMax™ Express-96 Magnetic Particles Processor (Thermo Scientific™)
  • KingFisher™ 96 (Thermo Scientific™)
  • KingFisher™ Flex (Thermo Scientific™)
  • KingFisher™ mL (Thermo Scientific™)
ID Gene™ Mag Universal Extraction Kit
Product code MAG192 / MAG384
Format 192 preps / 384 preps

Magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction system for use for use with any matrix or pathogen (DNA or RNA). 


⇒ Results in 40 min

⇒ This kit is compatible with the following automated extraction systems:

  • MagMax™ Express-96 Magnetic Particles Processor (Thermo Scientific™)
  • KingFisher™ 96 (Thermo Scientific™)
  • KingFisher™ Flex (Thermo Scientific™)
  • KingFisher™ mL (Thermo Scientific™)

⇒ May be used with most commercial amplification kits (generally validated with this type of extraction protocol)