ID Gene™ African Swine Fever Triplex

ID Gene™ African Swine Fever Triplex (IDASFTRI)

This triplex qPCR kit amplifies a target sequence in the African Swine Fever virus (ASFV) genome, as well as endogenous and exogenous internal controls, for the highly sensitive and specific detection of all genotypes of ASFV DNA in only 35 mins.


  • Reliable : includes both endogenous and exogenous internal controls to ensure the efficiency of the extraction and amplification steps.  A calibrated positive extraction control (PEC-ASF) may be used to monitor variations in analytical sensitivity (sold separately).
  • Practical, ready-to-use reagents facilitate testing, and proven stability allows for cost-effective shipping worldwide, without temperature control (no dry ice required).
  • Rapid : In association with the ID Gene™ Mag Fast Extraction kit, this qPCR offers the fastest protocol on the market, with automated extraction and amplification in only 55 minutes
  • Flexible : may be used on multiple sample types (serum, whole blood, swabs, organ and tissue) from swine and wild boar, and for individual samples or pools of up to 20, thanks to high sensitivity

Availability : outside of France

Product code IDASFTRI-50 IDASFTRI-100
Reactions 50 100
Method qPCR - Triplex - Qualitative
Species Swine, wild pig or warthog
Sample types Serum, whole blood, oropharyngeal fluid, oropharyngeal swabs, organ and tissue (spleen, lymph node, tonsil, bone marrow and kidney). Either individual samples or pools of generally up to 20 may be tested
Associated products
ASF Positive Extraction Control
Product code PEC-ASF
Format 550 μL (freeze-dried)

For use with the liquid format of the ID Gene™ African Swine Fever Duplex and Triplex kits. 

Freeze-dried preparation of an inactivated ASFV strain diluted into a negative whole blood matrix. To be prepared and extracted in the same way as samples, to validate the efficiency of the nucleic acid extraction and qPCR amplification processes and to monitor variations in analytical sensitivity. Refer to the package leaflet for reconstitution and storage.