ID Gene™ Easy preparation for faeces sample

ID Gene™ Easy preparation for faeces sample
Product code EZPREP
Format 100 EZ Drop bottles (preps)

A simplified method for the preparation of faeces sample to be tested for Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis.


⇒ Allows for pre-treatment of faeces samples without any weighing step

⇒ Use in combination with IDMAP: ID Gene™ Paratuberculosis Duplex (IDMAP) PCR kit

⇒ Compatible with:

  • MAGMAP: ID Gene™ Mag Paratuberculosis Extraction Kit
  • SPIN: ID Gene™ Spin Universal Extraction Kit


Easy-to-use: no weighing step

Rapid: process samples in only 2 minutes

Improved test sensitivity and reproducibility thanks to the production of homogenous faecal extracts