IDvet Genetics offers both manual and automated extracted systems.

    All kits may be used with any matrix or pathogen (DNA or RNA).


    • For manual extraction, IDvet Genetics offers the ID Gene™ Spin Universal Extraction silica columns.
    • For automated extraction, IDvet Genetics kits are based on magnetic bead technology, validated using the MagMAX™ and KingFisher™ instruments from Thermo Scientific™.

    IDvet will launch its own extraction robot for magnetic beads in the first semester of 2017.


    Extraction kits:

    • The ID Gene™ Mag Fast Universal Extraction Kit is the fastest magnetic bead extraction kit on the market, with results in only 20 minutes. It may be used in combination with the ID Gene™ range of amplification kits to obtain results in only 90 minutes (extraction and amplification)
    • The ID Gene™ Mag Universal Extraction Kit allows for results in 40 minutes.  It may be used with most commercial amplification kits which are validated with this type of extraction protocol.
    • The ID Gene™ Mag Paratuberculosis Extraction Kit is specifically designed to optimize extraction of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis from ruminant faeces samples (individual samples or pools of up to 10).