Complement Fixation Test Buffer

The veronal buffer (product code VB-4L) has been replaced by the CFTB buffer (product code : CFTB-4L).

The formula of the CFTB buffer is based on the OIE formula to be used for Brucellosis CFT, and does not contain barbituric, but offers exactly the same performance.


  • The Calcium Magnesium buffer is used to dilute sera and reagents for the complement fixation test
  • The kit includes 4 vials containing 50ml of 20X concentrated buffer, each allowing for 1 liter of diluted buffer
  • Once diluted, the buffer is stable for 2 months at 2 – 8°C without loss of activity
Ordering information
Product code CFTB-4L
Kit format 4 vials of 50 mL (concentrated 20X)