Is it possible to differentiate between vaccinated and infected animals with ID Screen® ELISAs?

Yes, some IDvet tests allow for DIVA applications (Differentiation Infected and Vaccincated animals).

The IBRgE and Aujeszky gE tests detect naturally-infected animals in a vaccinated population, provided that animals are vaccinated with gE-deleted vaccines.

For avian influenza, if vaccination is performed using a homologous hemagglutinin to the highly pathogenic field strain (H5), but a heterologous neuraminidase subtype, serologic surveillance can be performed by testing for antibodies against the homologous N subtype (N1) as evidence of natural infection.

I am using an ID Screen® indirect multi-species test. Which species may I test?

ID Screen® indirect multi-species tests include a multi-species conjugate which recognizes mammalian IgG antibodies.
However, validation data does not exist for all species for all tests. When testing a species for which IDvet does not have validation data, check that the negative sample baseline remains low (indirect test), or that the distribution of S/N% results is not considerably altered with respect to the negative control value.