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Efficiently monitor Influenza outbreaks ( 16 December 2015 )

IDvet offers both a nucleoprotein-based cELISA to detect antibodies against all Influenza strains, and serotype-specific cELISAs to detect potentially highly-pathogenic H5 and H7 strains.
To monitor outbreaks with these kits:
• Flocks found positive with the nucleoprotein cELISA are tested with the H5 or H7 ELISA.
• Positive H5 or H7 results are confirmed by HI, before proceeding to additional virological testing.
• Once the serotype is confirmed as H5 or H7, widescale screening may be performed directly with the H5 or H7 cELISAs.

Easy-to-use, particularly in comparison to HI, these ELISAs are well adapted to high throughput testing.

ID Screen H5 cELISA: improved performance and detection of new clades
Thanks to the use of a new monoclonal antibody, the ID Screen H5 cELISA now offers improved sensitivity while maintaining the same high specificity as the original version.

The test:
correctly detects new emergent clades (H5N2, H5N8) which were missed by HI tests at the beginning of the outbreaks;
• identifies low and high pathogenic strains;
• shows high agreement with HI results when homologous antigens are used

Other Influenza products from IDvet:
Nucleoprotein cELISA
Subtype-specific cELISAs (H5, H7, N1, N2 or N9)

IDvet MG & MS ELISAs: recombinant antigens allow for improved Spe & Se ( 4 April 2014 )


The use of recombinant proteins in the ID Screen® MG and MS ELISAs allows for improved specificity, low background, earlier detection of seroconversion, and higher analytical sensitivity.

In addition, no cross-reactions with other mycoplasmas have been detected.

Freeze-dried positive and negative reference sera with defined titers are available for use as internal controls with this kit.

Please contact for more information, or to obtain the complete validation file.

ID Soft™ software now available ( 6 March 2014 )

ID Soft™ is a fully integrated, easy-to-use software program providing convenient, flexible and comprehensive data analysis for IDScreen® poultry ELISA kits. Download the ID Soft™ technical sheet

  • Determine titres, vaccination age and baseline values for better preventative medicine for poultry.
  • Easily share your results: OD values may be exported to other formats, such as Excel.
  • Optimize lab time and plan your testing schedule: the software provides you with an overview of the different tests to be run for each sample.
  • Flexible: collect data and edit reports from multiple work stations.
  • Customize your templates and reports, and incorporate your own company information and logo.

To download or obtain the software, please contact