Innovative diagnostic tests

Innovative Diagnostics develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic tests for the detection of infectious zoonotic diseases in humans and animals.

The veterinary range for the control of infectious diseases in farm animals is marketed under the brand name IDvet.



Our ID Screen® diagnostic kits, based on the ELISA technique, contain all the necessary reagents for the analysis of serum, plasma, meat juice or milk samples.

They are standardized to detect national and international reference sera, and show innovation through simplified test protocols, ready-to-use reagents, and improved test performance.


With the creation of our PCR department in 2014, we have extended our expertise to molecular biology.

We now offer a comprehensive range of products to simplify your Real-Time PCR testing, including kits for sample preparation, extraction and amplification.

We design and propose complete solutions to provide you with:


Faster results

  • 96 extractions in 20 min instead of 60-90 min
  • amplification in 50 min (DNA) or 60 min (RNA)

Customized protocols

  • to suit your testing volumes
  • validated on your laboratory equipment

An expert team for

  • veterinary consulting and technical support
  • laboratory design


Innovative Diagnostics in numbers
  • Founded in 2004 by Philippe Pourquier
  • 4000 sqm facilities in Montpellier, France
  • 108 employees in 2020
  • Exports to over 150 countries
  • 2019 sales: 20 M euros

Protecting animal health

IDvet tests are used by public and private laboratories worldwide to:

  • control veterinary diseases as part of government disease eradication programs
  • detect zoonotic diseases, transmissible to humans
  • verify the effectiveness of vaccination campaigns
  • control animal movement to limit the spread of infectious diseases when livestock is imported and exported
  • detect emerging & re-emerging diseases which pose new threats to livestock


As natural resources diminish and the world population grows, monitoring animal health to protect the food supply is of vital importance. Veterinary disease surveillance is also essential to human health, since many infectious diseases may be transmitted from animals to humans.

Emphasis on Research & Development

Innovative Diagnostics is a science-based company: our R&D activities ensure that our products reflect the cutting-edge of RT-PCR and ELISA technology, and allow us to continuously launch new, innovative tests.


We remain at the forefront of infectious disease diagnostics by:

  • Re-investing 30% of turnover in R&D projects
  • Building close relationships with leading scientists and reference laboratories worldwide
  • Participating in European research programs
  • Participating in normalization programs

Industrial know-how

Thanks to our highly-skilled scientific team and modern facilities, all kit components are produced on-site to guarantee reagent quality.


ELISA microplate coating is automated, allowing for the production of up to 2000 plates per day, and each test undergoes rigorous validation studies and quality control checks.


Our RT-PCR kits are produced in accordance with industrial methods and meet the highest criteria of stability and standardization.


Commitment to Quality

The quality assurance program has been in place since the company creation in 2004.  Innovative Diagnostics is certified ISO 9001:2015 for all its activities, from Research & Development, to Production, Quality Control and Sales.


Our ELISA savoir-faire includes:
  • Viral and bacterial culture
  • Protein chemistry
  • Production & purification of: - recombinant proteins, - monoclonal antibodies, - conjugates
  • ELISA kit design
  • Ready-to-use, stable reagents
  • Reagent traceability
  • Test validation & quality control
Our RT-PCR savoir-faire includes:
  • Bioinformatics
  • Molecular data management
  • Enzymatic assembly
  • Bacteriology
  • Virology
  • RT-PCR kit design and optimization
  • Test validation & quality control

Born global

Since the company creation in 2004, we have grown rapidly, constantly expanding our global distribution network.


As a privately owned enterprise, our financial independence allows us to make rapid decisions in reaction to changes in market needs around the world.


With exports to over 150 countries, the IDvet range is widely used in the veterinary diagnostics field.


Exceptional customer service

We provide outstanding customer service and technical support thanks to our distribution network spanning all continents.


By adapting products to meet your needs, rapidly responding to your queries, providing free supplementary liquid reagents, and assisting you in kit use and result interpretation, Innovative Diagnostics is with you at every step.